IMG_0126Every believer is called to be on mission with Him.  God is at work all around us, and in our world.  We seek to join Him in His work to change lives.

In Our Community
We recognize that it is not enough to simply speak of the love of God, but we must demonstrate it as well.  The Greenvillage Church of God is committed to making a real difference in the lives of those right here in our valley.  We encourage one another to serve as Christ did as a church together, or individually, right where God has placed us.

In Our Nation
Every summer our youth and adults participate in a short-term mission trip within the United States to help transform a community through love and hard work.  These annual service projects are called REACH and each and every year they make an impact for Christ in our world.

In Our World
The Greenvillage Church of God is excited about what our God is doing far beyond our nation.  We count it a great privilege to partner with those around the world for the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Our church has a rich history of giving, and serving in the great work of cross-cultural ministries.  God has a heart for all people everywhere and so do we!